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D and D Mobile Dyno mentioned in GM High Tech.


Pro Wrestler Bill Goldberg has been on D and D Dyno/Team Dyno. 

Why haven't you?

The host of Overhauling "Chip Foose" has been on Dand D Mobile Dyno.
Why Haven't You?


 South Carolina 2005/ 2006 

if any information is incorrect or you would like to add something. pleaseEmail D & D Dyno / Team Dyno and we will fix the information.
hank you

I want to say thanks to everyone for letting us dyno there cars.

click on the pictures to enlarge!

Alex OfficerAlex Officer
1973 Nova
on dyno
Eric Wood
2000 mustang
226 hp
243 torque
on dyno
Shawns 1995 formula
269 hp
315 torque
on dyno
Steve Marshall
1986 monte carlo
Danny Sullivan
1992 Camaro
151.0 hp
240.4 torque
on dyno
Rick Schaeffer
2000 Camaro
on dyno
Brian Glass
1995 Trans Am
245 hp
313 torque
on dyno
Shawks car that
works with us.
on dyno
Shawns car
on dyno
Brian Glass
in his car
on dyno.
Big or Small we DYNO them all!

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