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D and D Mobile Dyno mentioned in GM High Tech.


Pro Wrestler Bill Goldberg has been on D and D Dyno/Team Dyno. 

Why haven't you?

The host of Overhauling "Chip Foose" has been on Dand D Mobile Dyno.
Why Haven't You?


 Horse Power at the Park 1 

 Sponsor:  9th Horsepower at the Park  
 When:  April 8 & 9
 Time:  9 am - 4 pm

If any information is incorrect or you would like to add something please Email D and D Dyno / Team Dyno and we will make the changes you requested.
I want to say thanks to everyone for letting us dyno your car!

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Art and Donna Thoma
and Gang.
Brandon Adams
Age 3
I'm number 1
get in line behind.
I might not make the most
but I know the host
on dyno
Charles Rhodes
1969 Camaro
237 hp
278 torque
on dyno
Micheal Gray
1971 AMC
244 hp
287 torque
on dyno
Slim Dub
1993 Nissan 300ZX
326 hp
we could not get a torqe reading
on dyno
Tony Gilmore
1968 Dodge Dart
he pulled
257 hp
325 torque
on dyno
Greg Butera
1996 Acura Integra
188 hp
195 torque
on dyno
JD Gutermuth
1973 Chevy Elcamino
on dyno
Mike Jorns
1994 Mustang
460 hp
399 torque
on dyno
The Car Has To
Be Tunned.
dyno set updyno set up 2dyno set up 3
Brent Moss
2002 Mustang
302 hp
411 torque
on dyno
Casey Hayes
1972 Chevelle
392 torque
on dyno
Mike Stout
1972 Monta Carlo
355 hp
453 torque
on dyno

  Name  Year  Make  Model  HP  Torque 
Charles Rhodes  1969  Chevy  Camaro  237  278 
Micheal Gray  1971  AMC  Amx  244  287 
Slim Dub  1993  Nissan  300ZX  326   
Tony Gilmore  1968  Dodge  Dart  257  325 
Greg Butera  1996  Acura  Integra  188  195 
JD Gutermuth  1973  Chevy  Elcamino     
Mike Jorns  1994  Ford  Mustang  460  399 
Brent Moss  2002  Ford  Mustang  302  411 
Casey Hayes  1972  Chevy  Chevelle  348  392 
10  Mike Stout  1972  Chevy  Monta Carlo  355  453 

Big or Small we DYNO them all!

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